Top 5 Online Marketing Experts to Follow

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The field of online marketing can be daunting and confusing for a newcomer to navigate the myriad of conflicting information available in cyberspace. As there are different schools of thought and diverse areas in which you can focus your online marketing strategies, having knowledge of those who among those labeled as gurus in this field really hold any water. Watching what professional strategists do is critical to success in online marketing so below, highlighted, are some of the top online marketing experts that can teach you a thing or two if you watch them!

1.Jeff Bullas – As a blogging expert and a social marketing whiz, Mr. Bullas is listed on the Forbes’ Top 40 Social Marketing Talent List. His blog gets in excess of 8 million page-views, yearly.

2. Brian Clark – The CEO and creator of Copyblogger, which is a notable source for strategies, tools, and resources surrounding internet marketing at all levels of the game. Mr. Clark was given the title of Forbes’ Top 10 Online Marketing Expert.

3. Larry Kim – Known for PPC advertising, Mr. Kim founded WordStream, which offers options for PPC advertisers such as smart alerts, call tracking tools, visual reports, and landing page aids designed for PPC advertising. He is also the company’s CTP.

4. Darren Rowse – A blogging and copywriting expert, Darren Rowse has the know-how and can point you in the right direction to get your blog noticed and visited.

5. Aaron Wall – The man responsible for creating SEO Book, Mr. Wall has provided internet marketers with a model that serves to assist in successfully creating a workable SEO strategy. In addition, Wall provides SEO training, updates, and invaluable advice.

Keep an eye out for what these professional online marketing experts are doing and follow their tips. You’ll be happy you did. In doing this, you will see further results as a newcomer to internet marketing and be in the know!

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